how to use korean face mask

6 ways on how to use Korean face mask – Top secret revealed

Korean face mask is one of the latest trends of beauty and skincare products. Also known as sheet masks, the Korean face mask can be in two forms; lotion or cotton pads. You may wonder what type of face mask to buy and how to use Korean face mask; every detail will be shared with you in this article.

The cotton masks are soaked inactive ingredients such as tea tree, essential oils, and ceramide, which are absorbed into the mask to keep them locked in for a longer time without evaporating. The Korean face mask is designed to fit by sitting nicely on the face.

Once in close contact with the skin, the active ingredients (antioxidants and vitamins) penetrate into the skin’s top layer, where the healing occurs.

These Korean face masks, though designed for similar purposes, produce different results at different times. Face masks are meant to rehydrate the skin, restore suppleness, close pores, and remove clogs from the skin within a short period of time.

For some, you begin to see the result within half an hour, while others may take a shorter or longer time. Either way, almost all of the face masks are made for skin brightening, moisturizing, cleansing, clearing clogs, and for their anti-aging effects. They work skin-deep and not beyond that, which is why you get to see results after a while.

How does the Korean face mask work?

how to use korean face mask

While some may suggest that the active ingredients contained in face masks make them effective, that’s not so true. What really makes a face mask work is a moisture present in it. The moisture hydrates the skin and makes the skin soft and open to receive the essence of the face mask.

Moisture also allows a transfer to take place on the skin area, as the ingredients are infused into the skin; the moisture on the mask allows it to absorb dirt, allergens, or UV rays for a thorough masking process.

How to use Korean face mask

Most Korean face mask products are simple to apply, but the instructions are usually written in another language, which makes them difficult to read. So here are simple steps to follow whenever you wish to apply a Korean face mask.

  1. Cleanse/ rinse your face

The first time I applied a face mask on my face, I applied it directly without washing my face first. It didn’t stick, and I wondered why until I looked it up and realized I missed the first basic step. Why do you have to rinse before applying a face mask?

It is important to rinse your face to get rid of dirt, germs, and makeup traces so that the mask is in direct contact with your skin without dirt or oil being a barrier.

  1. Wash your hands

As important as it is to keep your face clean before applying a mask on it, it is also important to keep your hands clean too else you transfer bacteria or oils from the hands to your face. Since you might end up applying the face mask with your fingers, you have to keep a clean hand or apply the face mask with a flat makeup brush.

  1. Remove the face mask

Cut the package open gently and remove the face mask to unfold. Be sure to avoid tearing the sheet as you unfold. In some cases, some sheet masks have extra backing taped on to avoid them sticking together, so ensure you remove the backing before placing it on your face.

  1. Quantity

As with other beauty products, when applying a face mask, less is more, especially with the lotion facemask types. You might be tempted to apply more layers to make the mask extra thick, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more effective.

So, applying the face mask in an even direction until the face is covered is much more important than putting too much at once. For the sheet mask, when putting the mask on your face, ensure it stays on your whole face without leaving any part untouched so that the whole face gets restored.

  1. Time

The mask shouldn’t stay on your face for longer than 15 minutes or 20 minutes max. This time, there is nothing you get from keeping it on your face for long, but you stand to lose the supple result you expect as the moisture may seep back from your skin to the mask once you leave the mask for a longer period.

It is best to remove the mask while still damp and not until it’s dry. You may need to set a timer for that, and this time is enough to allow your face to soak in the whole essence in the mask and get the result you want. While you wait, you may use the leftover essence on your neck and elbow area for all-around cleaning.

  1. Remove

Once the time is up, gently removing the sheet mask from your face. It is very easy to remove by pulling one end gently as the other parts lift from the face until you are able to remove all.

Now, you may ask if you should rinse your face after removing the mask, and my response will be a big no. The essence and ingredients of the mask are still very much on your damp face, and washing it off is as good as wasting the whole process of masking.

All the essence is meant to be soaked in for total rejuvenation of your skin, so don’t be in a hurry to clean up. This is why masking is often recommended after a night shower when you are almost ready to hit the bed.

On the flip side, if you feel tempted to wash because the mask makes your face feel itchy or sticky, you might have to change to a new mask.


While learning how to use Korean face mask, you should also note that there is no skin area you can’t mask, especially if your skin feels highly dehydrated. As with candies and flavors, Korean face masks are also available in different types with different levels of penetration.

You may have to test a few products to find out which works best for you; plus, you don’t have to get stuck with one product either, explore with different masks; after all, two masks are better than one, they say. You end up with deeper and concentrated hydration with glowing skin.