How to get smaller boobs

How to get smaller boobs – The solution to big breast carrier

When some see big breasts as a blessing, some see them as a significant burden, which is the irony of life. Many women have asked how to get smaller boobs, and we will share with you on this page how you can reduce your breast if you find it hard to live with big ones comfortably.

Tired and disappointed of shared information out there online with no positive results on how to get smaller boobs? We’ve got you covered here. Exercises such as push-ups, slide lifts, shoulder press, jogging, and the use of some natural ingredients are proven ways to get smaller boobs.

However, you must get to know some common causes of the big breast, so we will quickly go through that before sharing with you some things you can do to reduce your breast.

Factors that affect breast size

How to get a smaller boobs

  • Increase in weight

A more significant proportion of your breast is filled with fat, which means you are likely to have more fat deposition in the Brest region, leading to an increase in the breast. This is normal and can easily be controlled by reducing your body weight.

  • Age

One of the factors that also increase the size of the breast is your age. As you grow in age, the ligaments holding your breast can lose their grip, and that can lead to sagging of the breast.

This is sometimes a concern for some ladies, and now some products can prevent breast sagging.

  • Breastfeeding

Due to an increase in the size of the milk duct and some hormonal changes, your breast is known to be significant as a result of breastfeeding a baby. So, this is not an issue, and sometimes your breast might not get back to its usual size except you start some recovery action.

  • Genetics

A big breast can be a result of the gene you inherit from your mother. If your mother is busty, you are at a more significant chance of having a big breast.

  • Medical disorder

Many medical disorders can cause breast enlargement. One of them is Gigantomastia which is a rare condition, and for whatever medical issue you have that

results in breast enlargement, you are advised to check on your doctor for the proper treatment.

How can you get a smaller boob?

How to reduce the size of your breast

Now that you’ve got to know some causes of breast enlargement, here are ways you can quickly get that small boobs that you will be proud of.

Exercising is one of the top-secret to losing overall body weight and losing the fat in the breast; exercise such as pushups can help tighten and tone up the chest muscles by reducing the breast’s size.

Also, some other strength exercises can help in reducing the fat in your body too. So you should ensure you get involved in practice like 30 minutes a day to achieve your goal.

  • Shoulder press

If you engage in shoulder press for breast reduction, you can do that by getting two dumbbells or enrolling in a gym center to have access to it.

It would help if you started by sitting down on a mat while holding the dumbbells in your hands. It would help if you lift your arms to your shoulder multiple times and then above your head and back to your shoulder.

You should do this for about 3 minutes. It works by engaging your breast muscles and ligaments, which will then help to keep them firm. This will help to get rid of breast sagging.

  • Push-ups

Push-up works too with building the upper regions of the body. For women, it can help to reduce the fat in your breast, thereby reducing the size.

To start pushups, you need to get used to using a bare floor. Get into a plank position using your toes and palms on the floor. Ensure your back is straight with your arms directly under your shoulders to make it more effective.

Now you can lower your body and then push back up. You can do that more than ten times and take a rest.

  • Side lift

You need two dumbbells like the first exercise. You should hold the two lightweight dumbbells and stand straight. You should then lift your arms to the aide and hold on to this position for some seconds and then lower the hands back.

  • Jogging

This is also one of the exercises that can help you reduce your body fat. It would help if you made it a habit to wake early at 6 am and hit the track.

It works to help you reduce the day in the body and your breast and ensure you remain fit.

What other ways can you reduce the size of the breast?

  • Choosing the right bra

This is one of the essential parts of working on reducing your breast size. While going through each of the workout or exercises listed above, you should wear the right bra size.

Ensure the bra fits well to give your breast support, and it must not be too tight. Your breast must not dance around whenever you are jogging or engaging in any exercise.

  • Breast massage

The next thing you need to do is engaging in breast massage. This helps in improving the blood flow and also strengthens the breast tissue. It would help if you did the massaging in an upward manner every day for some quality time, and using natural oils like olive oil is a great decision to make.

  • Use natural resources

You can also use natural resources such as ginger, green tea, flaxseed, and many more to reduce the weight of the body.

Each helps to reduce the fat in the body and the breast region. Though the result can take longer, it is effective in the long run.


If you are searching for how to get smaller boobs, you are just in the right place. We have come with the correct information you need, which is proven to help you get the correct result.

There are many tips and information online that are not proven, and we ensure we shared those that have reasonable outcome rates, unlike some that don’t give a positive outcome.