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10 Best Tan Accelerators 2021 – Do they work or not?

Anyone who has a strong desire in keeping glowing skin will surely find it appealing to use tan accelerators. Using the best tan accelerator product is one of the perfect ways to get and maintain a perfect bronzed glow and healthier complexion fair skin.

Either you are looking for a way to enhance your tanned skin, or you are just trying out tan products, this is the right place to be. Having tested several tan products, the COCOSOLIS ALOHA Sun Tan will always find its way into our heart due to how it feels on the skin, its effectiveness on how it nourishes and moisturize the skin for a glowing appearance.

There are many more that can get you your desired result, and we have them all covered on this page for you. Each of them will keep you away from being worried and save you from the disappointment of some other tan products that have caused damages to your skin.

The good news we spread on this page is that you’ve got a lasting solution to keep nourishing your skin without spending a fortune. Also, with each of the tan selected on this page, you are assured of supple, hydrated, and nourished skin. 

Top Pick

1. Best tan accelerator for fair skin – COCOSOLIS ALOHA Sun Tan

2. Best tan accelerator for legs – Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

3. Best tan accelerators for fair skin – Onyx Magnifique Sunbed Dark Tan Accelerator

4. Best outdoor tanning accelerator for fair skin – Sun Bum SPF 15 Moisturizing Tanning Oil

What is a Tan Accelerator?

Best tan accelerators

Tan accelerator is simply a product that helps to inhibit the skin cells in charge of the secretion of melanin to increase production. Once melanin production increases, the skin gets darker.

It should not be applied too much to avoid getting too dark while the main reason for using tan is to get sun-kissed tan skin. So far, it is better than the old way of sitting under the sun to get tan skin, having come to realize the negative effects of exposing the skin to UV rays.

Tan accelerators can come in different forms such as serum, oil, or lotion, and most of them are made with a combination of organic or natural materials such as aloe vera, carrot oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, green tea extract, coconut oil, and olive oil.

With this information you’ve got to know, let’s check out the list of some of the tan products you should consider If you are truly serious about getting tan skin. Also, we have some vital information after the whole product review for you. They are important if you are ever going to get any of the tan products.

Best Tan Accelerator for Outdoor Tanning

tan accelerator



The COCOSOLIS ALOHA Sun Tan is your perfect choice for indoor tanning. It is made with a mixture of six raw materials, and it is enriched in vitamin E. It is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. It is also a perfect choice for anyone who desires a quick and smooth deep tan as it helps to nourish, tighten and hydrates the skin. 

To achieve the best result with the tanning accelerator, you need to apply immediately after a shower as the pores can easily absorb the nutrients from the raw oils used in the accelerator’s production. Also, it has a sweet chocolate aroma which makes it more enticing to use. 

The accelerator gives a long-lasting chocolate tan and offers more benefits such as restoring the skin’s glowing look, moisturizing, nourishing and ensuring it stays smooth and soft. To achieve a stunning look, the tan is one of those you should consider. 

Ideally, you apply before sunbathing or sunbed session for the best result. With the combination of organic cold-pressed oils, minerals, bio-active ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants, the tan has all it takes to give the skin a healthier look. 


  • It keeps the skin hydrated and radiant
  • Great chocolate aroma
  • It gives the skin a healthy and radiant sun-kissed look
  • It helps to slow down the aging
  • Great at speeding up tanning time


  • You need a high SPF to avoid burn whenever you expose yourself to the sun, or you don’t stay too long under the sun.

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2. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

For every outdoor tanning, you’ve got the Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion to get the work done for you with ease. It is suitable for all skin, and the cocoa dream fragrance is enough to trigger you to keep using the tan accelerator.

It is made with the combination of Kakadu Plum, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera, and they are an all-natural ingredient that offers fantastic benefits to your skin. Using the tan accelerator will sure give your skin the smooth and nourishing look that most women desire.

You’ve got the protection you need to enjoy your sunny lifestyle. For adequate protection, you are advised to use the right proportion of sunscreen to ensure you don’t burn whenever you expose your body to the sun.

The effect of the tan on the screen can never go unnoticed as it helps to hydrate the skin and keep it soft, smooth and bright. Also, your skin benefits from the anti-oxidant properties present in the materials used in the production of the tan.


  • Keeps the body hydrated
  • Moisturize and nourish the skin
  • Delivers outstanding benefits to the skin
  • Possess powerful anti-oxidant


  • It is enriched in hemp seed and not Vitamin A, as some claimed. 

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3. Onyx Magnifique Sunbed Dark Tanning Lotion Bronzing Accelerator

The Onyx Magnifique Sunbed Dark Tanning Lotion Bronzing Accelerator is the perfect choice for intermediate and advanced tanner. It goes a long way to deliver its wonder on your skin by conditioning, vitalizing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It is a great indoor tanning lotion that can hasten the tan process without hassles.

It has been the secret to most women radiant look. Its flawless effect is long-lasting, and it is never a waste of money to invest in one. The lotion is enriched with natural ingredients that do lots of good to your body than damages. 

For the correct result, you have to apply evenly on your body before any indoor tanning. One of its secret to its popularity is that the ingredient thus accelerates the effect, improving and sustaining your youthful appearance. 

The lotion’s non-sticky texture makes it easy for your skin to absorb, and its magic spell fragrance makes it appealing. Also, it is easy to puff on the skin, unlike some that are too difficult to get through the nozzle. 


  • Delivers magic spell fragrance
  • Non-sticky texture
  • The lotion is easily absorbable
  • It helps to keep a youthful appearance


  • It has no significant setback

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4. Sun Bum SPF 15 Moisturizing Tanning Oil

The Sun Bum SPF 15 Moisturizing Tanning Oil is a good choice on all front for anyone interested in getting fair tanned skin. It gives golden brown skin that shows nourishment through the silky smooth and fresh appearance. 

This is a great one for everyone that loves to keep glowing skin. It has a moisturizing effect on the skin and helps to protect the skin from the sun effect. With the tanning oil, you can get bronzed while you also remain protected. It is a product of a combination of great natural ingredients that offers lots of benefits to your skin.

You can spray or rub in on your body to get the skin appearance you crave for. While doing that, you should ensure you never touch some areas such as the eyes. For the best result, you should apply softly on your body and ensure that it is evenly distributed all over your body. 


  • It gives protection to the skin
  • Great for all skin types
  • Safe to use
  • It delivers the ultimate skin glow
  • It nourishes and moisturizes the skin 


  • It is pretty hard to use for an even application on the skin.

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5. Australian Gold Gelee Dark Tanning Accelerator

The Australian Gold Gelee Dark Tanning Accelerator is a tremendous tan accelerator that is enriched with hemp seed. It moisturizes the skin just like a lotion, and it helps to get the desired skin colour you prefer. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor application. 

The tan accelerator gives an outstanding result as it is straightforward to use. You can easily rub on yourself, but you have to read the instruction on using the beauty product. The Vitamin A and E present in the accelerator thus perform great wonder on the skin by ensuring your skin looks smooth and nourished.

Their soft feel makes it a choice to consider, unlike those that will stick on one’s hands. Also, it comes cheap and affordable for all, which means you have all the right to get yourself that skin appearance that is too hard to go unnoticed. 

With this tan accelerator, you can get a sun-kissed tan without breaking the bank. It also helps keep the skin hydrated, and it delivers a rich quick dark tan than you can ever imagine.


  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor tanning
  • Enriched with natural resources
  • It nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • It has a good smell


  • It has no SPF
  • The scent might be turn off for some individuals

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6. Immoral Black Book 2000 XXX

The Immoral Black Book 2000 XXX is the secret to the glow of some aged enough not to look sexy and attractive. This lotion has the anti-aging property that helps to cover one’s blemish and ensure you stay and appear beautiful at all time. 

The tanning lotion is infused with green apple stem cells, matrixyl, organic hemp seed oil, rose hip extract and caffeine and all help in the tanning process to bring out the natural skin tones that you utmost desire.

The lotion does a great job at nourishing and hydrating your skin. The essential nutrients make this possible and are also effective at replenishing the skin. The cream has no way of affecting your tattoo if you have one on your body. 

It is bed used indoor and outdoor, but it has to be with a quality SPF. The natural tanned colour it gives to the skin is a significant cause of its popularity today.


  • It enriches the skin
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor application
  • Tattoo safe
  • It doesn’t give a fake tan look
  • It replenishes the skin and makes it hydrated


  • It doesn’t come with SPF

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7. Onyx Advanced Tanning Lotion Mystery

The Onyx Advanced Tanning Lotion Mystery helps anyone achieve the perfect looking sun-kissed glow. That couldn’t have been possible if not for the natural extracts present such as cocoa butter, coconut, Aloe vera and many others. They all make the tan lotion a great one to use.

The tanning result is quick; it is silky on the skin, nourishes and dehydrates the skin, and keeps it radiant. The secret to the tan accelerator’s younger look is the collagen and melanin Dynamix complex, which speeds up the moisturizing process. 

If you are looking to keep a younger look skin with a glowing appearance, then this beauty product is the best choice for you. Also, it has ingredients that help protect your skin against free radicals that could affect the nutrient in your skin.


  • It gives adequate protection to your skin
  • Delivers sun-kissed skin
  • Perfect for skin moisturizing
  • Helps to revive the youthful skin appearance
  • Great at nourishing and hydrating the skin


  • None

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8. SunGodZ Indoor Tanning Lotion

The SunGodZ Indoor Tanning Lotion is also among the options for you to consider. The lotion comes with tattoo protection for those who have a tattoo on their body. It gives you a long-lasting tan appearance, unlike some that fade away quickly. 

For smooth and softer skin, the lotion thus helps to get you the desired result. This is a bed tan lotion that you can use any time of the day. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated for as long you have the tan on your body.

The cheap and affordable pricing of the tan lotion makes it an excellent choice for all. One of the reasons most people opt for it is that it gives the tan very fast and long-lasting.


  • It is a fast tan lotion
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Keeps the skin glowing
  • Tattoo safe
  • Silky and smooth skin
  • Shower Proof 
  • Best Hydration & Moisturization 


  • None

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9. Australian Gold store 2 Pack Dark Tanning Accelerator

The Australian Gold store 2 Pack Dark Tanning Accelerator is a self-tanner that you can trust to bring out the beauty of your skin. It is a safe accelerator that you can use on the skin. It delivers the glowing appearance that you need to stay attractive.

The effect of the tan accelerator is fast and immediate. It gives natural golden colour, and the natural extracts in the accelerator help in moisturizing the body and ensure the skin look healthy at all time. Vitamin E also helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun.


  • Protect the skin
  • It is an excellent skin conditioning
  • Perfect for outdoor tanning
  • Nourish and moisturize the skin
  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • It smells nice


  • None

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10. Ed Hardy Brazilian Browning Butter Dark Tanning Lotion

The Ed Hardy Brazilian Browning Butter Dark Tanning Lotion doesn’t leave a streak, and it is a good choice for indoor bed tanning. The lotion has a significant tan effect on the skin with a long-lasting appearance, making it different from others.

It has tattoo protection; it keeps the skin in good shape, and it is an excellent option for toning. The protection it gives to the skin is inspiring as it helps to ensure the skin remains hydrated and nourished. It has ingredients that serve as anti-oxidants which helps in fighting wrinkles.


  • Ultra-rich enhancing ingredients
  • Gives you the confidence to appear the way you desire
  • Tighten and tone the appearance of your skin
  • It helps to fight wrinkles


  • None

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Common Tan Accelerators Ingredients 

Best tan accelerator

– Please note that the combination of each ingredient present in different products differs.

Almond Oil

The almond oil has properties that work great on the skin cells to ensure that each layer is nourished to deliver smooth and glowing skin. It is mostly added to boost the fragrance of tanning lotion.

Coconut Oil

The use of coconut oil for the tan accelerator is that it consists of antimicrobial, ant-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is such a blessing to the skin as it helps in maintaining healthy skin as well as moisturizing it.

Carrot Oil

It is widely known that the oil from carrots is very effective in enhancing the health of the eye. However, it doesn’t just work the eye alone as the skin can benefits also from it as it has properties that show great ability in protecting the skin from sun and UV light.

Green Tea Extract

Most people drink green tea, and that’s because it offers lots of benefits, and now you can use the extracts on your skin. It possesses vitamin E, C, and B2, which are responsible for strengthening the skin, thereby adding the adequate protection needed to resist sun, free radicals, and UV light.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known to be used for various things. Also, it is a common ingredient in the skincare industry. So, adding this to the tan accelerator has its role to play as it prevents irritation and allergies from forming on your skin. Also, it helps in soothing the skin from redness and burn for those who expose their skin to the sun too much.

Cocoa Butter

The cocoa butter thus helps in restoring the skin hydration levels and ensures the skin keeps glowing.

Olive Oil

It is also one of the ingredients used in the production of a tan accelerator. It plays a role in boosting the skin defense system against UV damages.

Do Tanning Accelerators Really Work?

Best tan accelerator

The truth is regarding the effectiveness of the tan accelerator is that it works. There are different ingredients being used in the production of tan accelerators, and getting the right one will only leave you to have good testimony regarding the tan product.

There are some that cause skin problems, and if proper investigation is taken, you are likely to find out the person used the tan accelerator wrongly or got the one with the wrong ingredient combination. 

If you are getting an accelerator without SPF, you need to ensure it is one that you can combine with sunscreen to avoid any issue with your skin. 

When to use Tan Accelerators?

There is a different time where you can use a tan accelerator. For the best result, you should use it in the spring, at the beginning of summer, which is some days before you start exposing your body to the sun and you can use it during summer whenever you are set to visit the beach, go on boast trip or pool party with friends. 

What are the two types of Tan Accelerators?

Best tan accelerators

There are two types of accelerators that you need to know. It is possible you have no one to tell you, and it is very important as they have different means of operation, which influence the result you get with tanning.

Note: SPF [Sun protection factor]

Accelerators with SPF

The accelerator with SPF is the one you can use some days before sun exposure and during sun exposure. It works by stimulating the skin cell responsible for the secretion of melanin, thereby getting the skin ready for tanning. 

Accelerator without SPF

This type of accelerator is the type that comes without any form or sort of protection. So, they have to be combined with a protective cream; otherwise, you are at a higher chance of getting burned whenever you expose yourself to the sun. 

Are Tan Accelerators bad for you?

Tan accelerator is not bad for you. It is just as asking if it is good to keep glowing skin. Everyone loves to look good and attractive, and tanning is one of the ways to keep moisturizing and glowing skin. So, using a tan accelerator is never a bad decision to make. 

Does Tan Accelerator work on fair skin?

You’ve got every right to be marveled by the outcome of using a tan accelerator if you are a person with fair skin. But in order for you not to get burned and remain safe, you should consider SPF tan accelerator, which allow will help to protect your skin from the sun.

Also, if you are a fair skin individual, you do not need to spend a longer time in the sun. For the fair skin woman that loves to develop moisturizing brown skin, a tan accelerator is never wrong for you. 

Can you use a Tan Accelerator with sunscreen?

If your accelerator is without SPF, you need to combine it with sunscreen so that you do not get your skin burned. It is dangerous to expose your skin to the sun If you are using a tan without SPF. 

How to use Tan Accelerator?

Best tan accelerator

There are three ways you can use your tan accelerator.

As an extension – you can choose to use the accelerator after sunbathing as this helps in maintaining the proper level of melanin needed to keep your skin tanned. This plays a great role in keeping the skin hydrated to avoid some blemish. 

As a preparer – You can apply the tan accelerator on your skin some days before you expose yourself to the sun, as this helps to ensure you get a uniform body color. 

As an accelerator – well, the primary reason for an accelerator is to boost melanin production, and this allows you to use it during exposure to the sun. 

How to spray tan before and after revealed

How to Tan quickly in the sun? 

  • Make sure you use sunscreen with an SPF of 30
  • Change position frequently
  • Don’t stay too long under the sun
  • Choose your tanning time wisely
  • Consider a strapless top
  • Always seek a shade if the sun exposure is much

When should I use a Tan Accelerator?

Best tan accelerator

If you’ve got any tan accelerator and you still don’t know how to go about using it for the best result, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to feel disappointed because we’ve all been in your position and we are glad to help.

The best way to use your tan accelerator is in safe mode. What’s a safe mode? It is a system where you don’t rush things, and you are too observant with changes. So, you should start by applying the tan 2 to 4 weeks before you get out into the sun [summer] to give the skin the exposure needed for the production of melanin.

It can be applied to your body after you’ve made use of your body lotion, and you can choose to replace it with your body lotion since they are super moisturizing.


Using the best tan accelerator will go a long way to getting you the glowing skin that you desire. They come with organic materials that offer lots of benefits to the body but getting the right result requires the rightful application of the tan product.

We have everything you need on this page to understand when to use the tan accelerator, how to use it, what you should expect, and some products that you should consider.